1 day 1 profitable product

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I collected this so I can watch any walking video tours this holiday.

I thought, there must be a bunch of people doing videos like this, so I wanted to collect in 1 place specially for this niche.

The response is in only get 3 upvotes from Product Hunt, 0 from hacker news, probably 0 too from reddit.

But, I got 1 reply from Twitter, a participant who also added a place. That means a lot to me, though.

But, I will keep it like this for now, as it probably will need serious investment later.

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1 day 1 profitable product

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I use different approach for this. I use pre order.


Twitter and Instagram (both are my own channel).


0 pre order as of 2020–12–26

May be not enough reach yet. Let’s see later.

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This is a series of 1 day 1 profitable product

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Hi, friends.

The problem

I had a job where I needed to crop images from site like Unsplash to be put on a website. I need to extract the model from the background (A.K.A remove the background). And I hope that there’s some kind of Unsplash for this kind of isolated images.


And so I put up a website and put all of my last cropped images to the site. All the works listed here were done with human eye (hello, my eyes 😃) , cropped by hand using a graphic editing…

A writeup

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Problem: Help to find interesting font pairing

hurdle: Load multiple font data -> Use <link rel=”preconnect” href=”https://fonts.gstatic.com">

hurdle2: Save like and dislike to database. I use 2 column for table. 1 is upvote and other is downvote

hurdle3: Bloated JS Code. I didn’t expect that there are multiple functions going on here

hurdle4: Deploying to hosting should be around 1–2 hour before planning. I faced a domain issue. while deploying last minute.

Marketing: Spread the word to indie hacker, ProductHunt, HackerNews, some discord group. Some facebook designer group.

I admit that the result is under my expectation.

No viral.

Show HN doesn’t get me anywhere.

No press indeed.

Revenue: as of now are relying on sponsorship opportunity. Still 0 interest.

That’s my report for today.

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Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

2020 is near. I want to make at least 1 profitable product before this year ends.

Before, I made https://kolapedia.com — developer connector by values

https://christmas2020.sawirstudio.com — christmas greeting scheduler

https://hampersy — aggregator for people sharing gifts.

and actually many more. (you can read my other articles, click my profile and you’ll see, or my product hunt)

But the most successful yet product is the https://gumroad.com/l/50phpcode a book where I collect code snippets of useful php tips and functions.

It made $20 in the first day.

With Zero audience, and just sharing to connected forums I know.

But since that…

Source: https://www.producthunt.com/collections

  • *EDIT** Approved by the founder Ryan
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Sorted DESC on followers 0 {name: “Brain Music”, followers: 3679} 1 {name: “$0 Design Tools”, followers: 3485} 2 {name: “Remote Apps”, followers: 3452} 3 {name: “Meditation Tools ☺️”, followers: 3132} 4 {name: “Make Finance Fun Again ✨”, followers: 2870} 5 {name: “Build Beautiful Mockups 📱🖥️”, followers: 2744} 6 {name: “Books for Founders”, followers: 2263} 7 {name: “Lean Startup Tools”, followers: 2202} 8 {name: “Without Coding 📲⌚💻”, followers: 2157} 9 {name: “The 1000 Club”, followers: 1945} 10 {name: “GDPR Resources”, followers: 1899} 11 {name: “Acquired”, followers: 1824} 12 {name: “Appsperiments by Google”, followers…

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Before I built Kolapedia, where I intend to connect developers by their values.


Starting last night until now, I just launched a Christmas Scheduler.


Christmas is near, and that also means I need to prepare my greetings to some of my contacts. Friends, clients, Boos, co-workers, and so on. The list turn out to be so many. So I set out to code a web apps. You can try it out live here: https://christmas2020.sawirstudio.com


As of now, I tried to spread the word with Hacker News *as of 2020–12–13 still under expectation. I also emailed a journalist for each…

If I had to give any advice, it would be to run through ideas quickly. If they’re not gaining traction, or they’re a struggle to grow, drop them and move on to the next idea.

This isn’t going to be true for everyone, but each of my successful projects was a success from day one. I posted them online, pointed a few communities towards them like Reddit, and ended up with a few thousand registered users in the first day. That then dropped to a few hundred daily registrations and went up from there for the coming years. …

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Just now, I launched Kolapedia https://kolapedia.com, a site to connect developers by their values.

It’s first made for companies, but what you see here is a profile of a developer ( Yep, that’s me) willingly to be put in the front page.

I tried to sell this things with ads, or even subscription model.

First finding the companies. I share with my friends who own a team and are looking to hire develoepers. But things don’t walk fast enough for me. I don’t see that they eager to sign up. I tried to handpicked some HR from a group chat…

The Tech Stacks and Tips I Learned

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Hi friends, today I want to talk about building tiny apps. During this pandemic, I have built some kind of 1 day 1 product, although I didn’t intend to blast it as a hashtag #1day1product or #1day1app or whatever you would like to call it 😁

Not long ago, I started Ask HN in Hacker News Forum asking if can we sell tiny products?

And there are a number of people who participated the discussions which gives me a hint to probably talk a bit more about making a tiny product/app.

(And also…

Ricardo Sawir

I code plain PHP and gets fortune with this.

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