1 day 1 profitable product

I collected this so I can watch any walking video tours this holiday.

I thought, there must be a bunch of people doing videos like this, so I wanted to collect in 1 place specially for this niche.

The response is in only get 3 upvotes from Product Hunt, 0 from hacker news, probably 0 too from reddit.

But, I got 1 reply from Twitter, a participant who also added a place. That means a lot to me, though.

But, I will keep it like this for now, as it probably will need serious investment later.

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A writeup


Problem: Help to find interesting font pairing

hurdle: Load multiple font data -> Use <link rel=”preconnect” href=”https://fonts.gstatic.com">

hurdle2: Save like and dislike to database. I use 2 column for table. 1 is upvote and other is downvote

hurdle3: Bloated JS Code. I didn’t expect that there are multiple functions going on here

hurdle4: Deploying to hosting should be around 1–2 hour before planning. I faced a domain issue. while deploying last minute.

Marketing: Spread the word to indie hacker, ProductHunt, HackerNews, some discord group. Some facebook designer group.

I admit that the result is under my expectation.

No viral.

Show HN doesn’t get me anywhere.

No press indeed.

Revenue: as of now are relying on sponsorship opportunity. Still 0 interest.

That’s my report for today.

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