How I built Unstock, a place where you can grab isolated version of Unsplash

Ricardo Sawir
3 min readDec 22, 2020


This is a series of 1 day 1 profitable product

Hi, friends.

The problem

I had a job where I needed to crop images from site like Unsplash to be put on a website. I need to extract the model from the background (A.K.A remove the background). And I hope that there’s some kind of Unsplash for this kind of isolated images.


And so I put up a website and put all of my last cropped images to the site. All the works listed here were done with human eye (hello, my eyes 😃) , cropped by hand using a graphic editing software. I think there’s a time I would like to get images cropped using human eye rather than using AI.


Now I know there are a lot of other products in this space already (including some really great ones featured right here on Product Hunt), but I think, it would be nice if I just get the result already and decide if it really worths my money. So, my goal with Unstock was to provide isolated stocks ready to be used (hence you get a PNG and a PSD file). I’m sure there’s plenty of room for improvement, please let me know what you think 👍🏻


I launched this on Product Hunt and Hacker News. Hacker News is so under my expectation, it didn’t go anywhere, literally.

Product Hunt is what I’m going to discuss.


Exposure 7/10
Monetization 0/10

Speaking as a hobby, I think this product can get a good thumb from me. This product break my personal record for the total upvoted from Product Hunt

57 upvoted. That my personal record on Product Hunt.

Let’s look at the graphic

What do you know from this data?

Everyone just look at the front page. From 117, Only 1 that went to the “cart” page. *invisible from the image, but this I tell you.

Only a few that looked at the products.

That’s an insight.

From this, I think I’m going to leave this be. But I’m going to make other again.

Let’s hope we can see a successful monetization product soon.

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